Pink 2.0 [AAAA]


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This indica-dominant strain is the result of Predator Pink being crossed with Straighter F2. Both its parent strains are well-known for an uplifting cerebral high, so Pink 2.0 won’t disappoint. A citrus high note is dominant, giving off an intoxicating red grapefruit burst followed by earthy and mildly skunky low notes. With a unique smell, this bud emits less stank and more of a candy scent.


Common Effects:
Relaxed 80%
Euphoric 77%
Happy 80%
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A nice smooth high starts at the head and flows through the body like a relaxing wave. Somewhere between peppy and chill, this high is rather upbeat. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or getting to work outside, it is not likely that you will face any extremes here. This one hits the goldilocks zone.



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